Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Lawn to Garden Transformation

Hi everyone! I'm a librarian by trade and my husband is a guitarist and together we have set out to transform our boring Minnesota suburban yard into an edible garden paradise. I'm putting together pics and info to start this blog in earnest soon. In the meantime, please post any questions you'd like me to answer in the comment section below! 

Here's some pics of the transformation we've done in one part of our yard:

The only shot I have of how this part of our yard looked when we first moved in is snow-covered so here's a comparison shot of that with how it looks today (Changes to note: we took out the chain link fence and added cedar fencing, build a grape arbor, a fountain, a compost bin and replanted a large bush from another part of our yard into this corner):

Here's the before and after of creating the main vegetable garden. (In the top photo you can see the tiny raised bed that was our first garden attempt in 2011.) 

Some shots of the garden "in action" this past summer. 

And finally here's a bit of our harvest!

I hope to have lots more photos, details and step-by-step instructions to come soon! Thanks for visiting and don't forget to post comments and questions below!


  1. Look forward to following the progress of your urban homestead!

  2. Hard work! Can wait to follow and see more pictures.

  3. It looks very nice! Congratulation! It is BIG work! and not talking about hte harvest time!!!! loved visiting your garden! Isabel from Switherland